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The design has a deep qualified R & D team, professional technology, precision worthy of tailoring technology, quality fabrics, product positioning in the mass consumption of high cost children's clothing, the quality of survival, reputation and development purposes.

Fashion cute design, your baby's favorite design personalized numbers and patterns, more stylish stitching in English.

Soft and comfortable skin-friendly breathable moderate thickness, no stimulation of natural soft fabrics, special washing layered textures, pants micro-bomb, let your baby more comfortable and natural, high-quality cotton denim is not hard it is not only fashionable, well-designed, comfortable and perfect version of the model cut out .

Jeans After spinning, dyeing and finishing, garment and other procedures, after washing can be removed by washing with water, wear white, color is more dynamic fashion, publicity and bright colors.

Development of long-wearing elastic waistband not Le waist, high quality rubber band durable, high-quality waistband with belt buckle

7 days no reason to return the product problems, lifetime warranty, prompt delivery!




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       Boy pants garment in accordance with the family located in Foshan Shek Kok Street towards the next 39 On Road (ie....


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Foshan TongzhuangYiKu factory
Contact:Mr Xu
Add:Central Town Foshan Shek Kok Street next 39 Guangdong Province
Micro Mall dimensional code
Foshan TongzhuangYiKu factoryMicro Mall dimensional code
Pro, pick up your phone to sweep cute《TongzhuangYiKu 》Micro Mall dimensional code, and call the service hotline:
18666578190(Mr Xu)
Immediate access to a preferential quota.
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